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Golden Dog Cries in Appreciation After Being Saved From Notorious Dog Meat Market

There are numerous causes of dog crying. One can cry for other reasons other only being in agony, such as to express gratitude. Even more so when they are rescued from the clutches of death.

A dog wept in relief after being saved from a tragic fate.
The story centers on a stunning Golden Retriever that was being used as dog meat for human consumption. The dishonorable business was situated in a region of China.
Her rescue’s dramatic pictures were captured in a video that has deeply alarmed users on social media. It was time to sell the dog as fresh meat.

But fortunately for her, the cold-blooded dog meat trader was paid off by a group of Asian local animal enthusiasts. They saved her from imminent death by removing her from that notorious Chinese market.

One of the rescuers, going by the name Xu, revealed what actually transpired to several media sites following an interview. They were successful in removing the dog, but they also gave 20 other pets a second chance.
As he assured, he and the other volunteers were able to raise 14,450 yuan, or roughly 2,302 USD, in total. All in an effort to purchase every animal. Investigations suggest that the canines were taken before being confined to such horrible cages.

The Kunming, China-based Sanhe Animal Protection Center’s animal rescue organization responded appropriately. Before discovering the caged puppies, the volunteers had previously made multiple trips to the market to seek for a missing pet.

The group of kind-hearted men and women paid the vendor and then brought the animals to the Dongfang Animal Hospital. They required an immediate veterinary doctor evaluation.

And so, dogs and cats of various breeds, shapes, and sizes are traded in the Asian continent to be consumed. Many of them are household pets that are still secured by collars.

They are all taken off the streets and kept in cramped, filthy prisons. Their extremities have been severely injured in many cases. All of this is a result of the lengthy journeys without food or water that these small, helpless beings must endure.
In this way, the pro-animal rights organization Animals Asia has exposed the dog meat industry. The claim that these animals are grown on farms is untrue. The majority of dog meat originates from family pets that have been stolen or from frightened stray dogs.

In actuality, the golden dog sobbed when she was saved. Many people believed the tears to be expressions of thanks, but hospital director Wang Zaigao refuted this. The dog had just undergone an optical control, which could be the real reason for her crying in reality.

The fact remains that pups are incredibly devoted and expressive, whether or not the puppy’s tears were brought on by an eye issue. This explains why it is not strange that they have the ability to cry when they are upset or in debt.

17 of the 20 animals who were saved have already found new, permanent homes. The vet and the volunteers are still looking for everyone, though.


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