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What is this Shelter Dog Looking For Every Night

Every night, Sandy looks forward to an unique ritual. The senior terrier mix has received lavish attention from staff members since arriving at a Galesburg, Illinois, shelter in October 2021, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day

According to Lou Ann from the Knox County Humane Society, Sandy first entered the shelter in 2013. “No one had claimed [her] and she was on the run.”

The 10-year-old puppy had been adopted by a few different families over the previous few years, but during the pandemic when her parents fell ill, she was given up. The team developed a nightly routine just for Sandy to make her feel more at ease.

Sandy has started getting tucked in every night since coming here, Lou Ann noted. “One of our staff members will tuck her in when she hops up in her chair. She looks forward to it practically every night now.

Here’s where you can see Sandy getting ready for bed:

Lou Ann claimed that Sandy still has the vigor of a puppy despite her advanced age, and it is obvious. Sandy is a complete lovebug, in large part because she had a good night’s sleep.

Lou Ann remarked, “She is really nice and sweet.” Even though we adore Sandy so much, we wish she could have her own permanent residence where she could be nestled in every night.

Sandy enjoys spending time with dogs, going for walks, and traveling, but what she truly wants is a place of her own where she can relax and establish a brand-new nightly routine with her forever family.



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