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Home Alone was secretly filmed by a woman, and it broke her heart.

Ida Myrin has been spending a lot of time with her cat throughout the pandemic, like the majority of us have.

Isola, a three-year-old Ragdoll who has lived with Ida since he was 12 weeks old, is his name.

He is somewhat spoilt and slothful, but very loving, Ida explains. Every time he doesn’t catch our attention, he yells and demands it again.

He moves around constantly so he can see us both; he enjoys a nice cuddling but despises faces.

“He has NO ball control, and when he was a kitten, he frequently stopped what he was doing to randomly hit the floor. He may be a little claustrophobic, too, in our opinion. He enjoys feet. LOVES.”

Iosla has always had a strong bond with his people, and during lockdown he grew accustomed to having them around all the time. When they were working or paying attention to anything else, he wasn’t really happy.

Ida saw that he was enjoying having his people at home more often; all that additional attention must be great when you’re used to being “human free” throughout the day.

(scroll down to watch video)

When he was left alone in the flat for less than an hour, Ida got the bright idea to discreetly video him.

When she viewed the film again, she was astounded by what she saw.

At first she laughed, especially when he booped the camera, but after that what she saw what he did and heard his cries, it was truly heartbreaking.

So Ida decided to post the video on social media, and she received a lot of comments telling her to get a second cat so that Isola wouldn’t feel so lonely.

Ida explained to everyone that she already had a second cat.

The reason why she left the apartment in the first place was to take the other kitty to the vet for a senior checkup.

Watch the video:

The funny thing is, Isola actually ignored Ida on her return, but he was very happy to see his kitty friend.

So Ida took a picture of them together to show people that he’s not usually alone.


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