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MEET the Largest British Shorthair Cat (VIDEO).

The one I received yesterday is known as Phoebe. She is so soft that I could have sat and petted her for about an hour without moving till she fell asleep.

These cats favor a certain resident of the home. That does not mean they are hostile to other people. They are lovely, loving cats who won’t hurt you very often unless they’re upset or agitated, but I do recommend them as the ideal companion.

Due to gastrointestinal issues, I regrettably lost her a few months ago; we wanted to do what was best for Pheobe and had to say goodbye. I miss her every day and I think about her every day. I still encourage these kitties because even when they pass away, they continue to live in our hearts.

Because of their laid-back personalities and plush coats, British Blues are my all-time favorite pet cats. I had had a pet cat named Ruby, but she passed away in 2013 at the age of 11, and I still miss her dearly. Your cat is quite cute as a pet!


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