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When Cat Sees a Lock of Hair from His Late Best Friend, He Reacts so Tenderly.

Alesana and Sen lived together for the majority of their lives and were close friends. They were always cuddling and enjoying each other’s company, but they particularly liked washing each other’s ears. The two had an unbreakable bond up until Alesana was given a cancer diagnosis when she was 8 years old and tragically passed away abruptly on Christmas morning the year before.

It could be difficult for a family to explain to their cat that her best friend has passed away and that she will no longer be in their lives.

As the days passed after Alesana’s death, Sen’s family watched in agony as their 4-year-old cat bemoaned the loss of her best friend.

Emma Pearce, Sen’s mother, remarked to The Dodo:

“I think Sen is aware that she’s gone. She frequently stares out the window next to my front door for hours. She also looks around the house for the places where Alesana used to sit a lot.

When the family received Alesana’s ashes, footprints, and a lock of hair, Emma devised a strategy to help Sen deal with her grief.

When she requested that he see Alesana’s hair, Sen’s response was the loveliest thing imaginable.

claims Emma

As soon as he saw it, he started kissing Alesana’s fur and stroking her face.

Sen’s mother believed that by exposing the hair, she would finally be able to understand what had happened and go on. Sen seemed to understand right away that the hair belonged to her dearest friend who had passed away.


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