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When a Stray Dog who had Lost all Hope is Finally Saved, She Reacts in the Sweetest Way.

When a stray dog follows Suzette Hall to her car without protest, for example, some of her rescue missions turn out to be simpler than anticipated. The harder ones, though, involve numerous tries and more nights of insomnia. One of those stories involves Worth, a tiny white dog who had to wait five weeks to be saved.

Logan’s Legacy Rescue founder Hall told The Dodo, “I was there day and night for so many days in a succession.

Before Hall arrived, Worth had already been living alone for three weeks. When a concerned citizen spotted the little dog wandering through a Los Angeles industrial neighborhood, they called in a seasoned rescuer.

Hall arrived promptly and immediately started using her standard rescue techniques.

I tried everything, including traps and food, said Hall. But nothing would work since she would be ejected by the staff.

The puppy was lured into a truck yard by Hall. When someone on the property opened the gate, the dog was able to escape as she was preparing to slide a lead over its head.

Hall last encountered Worth in that location at that time.

Hall stated, “I kept going back every day in the hopes that she would return, but she never did. “I was certain she was gone,”

Without any trace of the wary pup, two weeks passed. Then one evening, Hall got a message a follower about a little dog. To Hall’s surprise, it was the same small dog she’d been searching for.

As soon as the dog was last spotted in a field, Hall hopped in her car and drove there. Something finally materialized in the distant after some time of searching.

Hall remarked, “I glanced, and there she was.” I had trouble believing it was her. It seemed unbelievable.


The dog’s hair was mat-covered and longer than Hall had recalled.


Hall managed to get the puppy to her car and into safety with the aid of a nearby security guard. Worth joyfully took the front seat and sat down, smiling for the first time in a few weeks.

Because of the street she was on, Hall says, “I called her Worth. And because she was worthwhile despite everything.

Although Worth is now in foster care, Hall already has a fantastic adoptive family in place. As soon as those five weeks are through, she’ll be in a loving permanent home.

She was likely the most difficult rescue Hall had ever attempted. But it was all worth it because of her.


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