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Would you have been able to find this cat?

She has such gorgeous autumnal coloring.


When Avery Shrader got a clever idea, she was raking leaves in her yard. She built a substantial pile in her garden and let Lion, her cat, out to investigate it. She cherished it! Shrader told The Dodo. She enjoyed her nap a lot.

Shrader took a picture of Lion playing in the leaves before continuing to rake. Later that day, when she looked at the image again, neither she nor anybody else could recognize her cat in the picture.

Since she mixes in well, most people I showed couldn’t find her, Shrader claimed. “When they were playing in the leaves together, even my dog couldn’t find her!”

Could you locate her?

Lion is adept at making the most of her abilities to blend in. However, the cunning feline hates to go unnoticed: “Lion’s favorite hobby is… lying on the stairs so she can bite you when you step on her,” Shrader added.

It turned out that Lion had always been in the middle of the pile:

Still unable to locate her

She is in there, so don’t worry; your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

As a tortoiseshell cat, Lion has fur that is a combination of black, orange, and red with a touch of white. Her speckled coat’s perfect resemblance to the hues of the fall leaves makes Lion almost invisible in the picture.

However, Lion won’t allow anyone ignore her when she is at home. She says that I’m her favorite,” Shrader stated. She enjoys hissing at my other pets for entertainment.


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